Conservative Edge Photography Portfolio

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Photographer Tassan Young  Photographer Tassan young  Photographer Tassan Young  Photographer Tassan Young


Photography Price list
Package One:
Starting $165
1 person 30/min Session 10 digital images Photo release
Package Two:
Starting $250
1-3 person(s) 45/min Session 20 images digital images Photo release
Package Three
Starting $350
1-4 person 1/hr Session 30-images Photo Release
Package Four
Starting $450
1-6 or more 2-3/hr Session 45-images Photo Release
All Day Package
$600 & up
Events 5-8hrs
Hair Style
$65 & up
you can add hair any style to you photo shoot. Adding Any hair extension wigs etc will incur additional fees please Email/Call/Text for a more accurate quote
$35 & Up
$15 & up
Price ranges from strip to individual lashes these are temporary lashes for your shoot